Installing roller blinds

Fitting your new roller blinds is straightforward.

Follow our simple steps

  1. Gather your tools (a small square drill bit and a drill) and unpack your blind. Inside you’ll find all the fixtures and fittings (brackets and screws) that you’ll need to install your new blinds.
  2. Screw the brackets into the side or the top jamb (the side/top of the window frame whatever fits better). Make sure your bracket is situated at the front of the jamb as this is where the face of the blind will sit. If the blind is an outside fit the brackets will be screwed through the back of the bracket into architrave or the face of the jamb.
  3. Fit the end that the controls are located first by sliding the blind into the bracket. Push the telescopic end in (it’s spring loaded) and fit it into the bracket. It really is that easy!
  4. If you want to take the blind out, pull the blind right up. Hold on to the control end and push it up. You’ll see the blind come out of the bracket. Then push against the other end and pull the control end out. You can then pull the blind down.

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